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Ocunctus, also known as “worming” or eyeball-licking fetishism, refers to the alleged paraphilic practice of licking eyeballs for erotic gratification.

Jun 12, 2013 · Pink eye cases have been spreading among Japanese college ren as a result of a new bizarre fetish: “eyeball licking.” In a post by the Japanese

Eyeball licking fetish. The strangest fetish I’ve seen so far.

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The EYEBALL LICKING craze that’s sweeping Japan and causing a surge in eye infections The bizarre fetish, But eyeball licking has not only taken off in Japan.

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Jun 16, 2013 · Eyeball licking – a strange practice where people put their tongues in each other’s eyes. Eyeball Licking Upclose Sexy Fetish InformOverload.

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Sep 22, 2008 · Today’s twisted fetish: eyeball licking, oral-eye sex, or oculingus. Hey, why not? Eyes are sexy, tongues are sexy, it was only a matter of time and

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In the Public Eye Has an eyeball-licking fad produced a widespread outbreak of ocular maladies among Japanese collegeren?

Jun 11, 2013 · A dangerous fetish has eye experts seeing red and those who practice it seeing pink. It is eyeball licking — a strange erotic activity wherein

Eyeball-licking: the fetish that is making Japanese teenagers sick an eye-licking fetish that is currently sweeping across the colleges of Japan like,

Eyeball licking fetish among elementary college students causes increasing numbers of ren to wear eyepatches due to infection Naver Matome reports; responses.

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