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Liquid Latex Body Paint will not rub off onto your clothing or furniture Beauty & Personal Care: See all 64 items. Body Latex Liquid Rubber (Gallon) by Holden’s Latex

Find great deals on eBay for liquid foam latex and foam latex prosthetic. Shop with confidence.

Find great deals on eBay for foam latex and foam latex mask. Shop with confidence.

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Latex; Molding and Casting Materials; Clay; Dry Cosmetic Pigments; Foam Latex. Don’t confuse Foam Latex with Liquid Latex, the two processes are different.

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The Monster Makers Foam Latex System® Monster Makers Foam Latex is considered by many to be the finest products of its kind around. Used on dozens of feature

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2 lb. Polyurethane Mix and Pour Foam Mix and Pour Foam is a two-part kit, meaning it is one product made up of two containers. It is available in a variety of sizes:

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Urethane Pour Foam Overview (see product FAQ section for more information) This two-part liquid, expanding rigid urethane foam is a

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We also carry liquid latex brushes, high-density foam rollers and other application essentials that ensure that paint goes on smoothly.

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Also known as slip or slush latex. For making Latex Halloween masks and simple latex appliances. Our professional grade mask latex shrinks very little in the mold.

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